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Bannerline has created all manner of business and industry publications for our customers. These include: annual reports, brochures, house magazines, news releases, and specialty pieces. Let us help you get the word out.

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Speakers & Public Events

BANNERLINE can arrange top-level speakers and entertainment for events of all descriptions. Contact us with an outline of your interests (politics, sports, the arts, business, entertainment et. al.) location, dates and budget, and we will take it from there. Through our associate firm Venue West Conference Services and its international network of conference planners, we can contribute to any event anywhere.

Many of the company's associates are accomplished public speakers and veterans of all media. We particularly commend the following:

Richard Pitt
Richard Pitt, a Canadian pioneer in the evolution of the Internet, is a fascinating lecturer on the Internet, its past, present and future impact on business, and all manner of business oriented computer technologies. He is able to tailor his presentation to suit the audience: beginners, corporate executives or the most advanced of software engineers and programmers. (See also the "web services" section of this site).
Dr. Don Nixdorf
Dr. Don Nixdorf, executive director of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association and an internationally-renowned personality within his profession, is an outstanding authority on modern health management. The founder of the Health Care/Wealth Care initiative, he has appeared on hundreds of media programs and consulted privately with several health ministers, many of the world's leading health economists and managers, and corporate executives.
Shirley Stocker
Shirley Stocker, a veteran Canadian broadcaster and producer, has been honoured internationally for her contributions to Crimestoppers, among many public service endeavours. She is an expert media trainer and informed speaker of issues related to charities and community service organizations.

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Patricia Bannerman and associates such as John Batchelor, Kerry Waghorn and Lloyd Sutton, create stunning visual elements for our clients' web sites, publications, presentations and offices.

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